Improve Driving Cognition

Real Drives. Real Results.

Practice key driving skills at home on your iPad

Improve your ability to Recognize | Prioritize  | Respond to | critical information

As you watch drives filmed from a professional driver's perspective you are challenged to identify and click on the most critical objects. Drive Focus analyzes and scores your ability to identify, prioritize and react to actual driving situations as they unfold in real time.


Train your brain to detect and distill critical information.

  • Perfect companion for classroom and behind-the-wheel training
  • Addresses key visual processing and cognitive skills
  • Recommended by top driving schools
  • Used by major neurorehabilitation facilities
  • Allows you to improve skills at home


Drive Focus develops skills anywhere and anytime on the iPad.

Drive Focus Educator is for driving rehabilitation specialists, driving schools, and instructors to use in the classroom or clinic. Multiple clients can use the same iPad with individual score tracking.

The first cognitive training tool to address an activity of daily living. 

Drive Focus has the ability to improve everyone's driving. It can also improve health outcomes for individuals with cognitive issues such as autism, ADHD, stroke, and age-related cognitive decline. 

Drive Focus is perfect for:

  • Professional and fleet drivers who want to reduce recognition errors.
  • Experienced drivers who want to improve concentration and response time and feel more relaxed.
  • Beginner drivers who want to gain an edge on reaction time, focus, and competence. 
  • Individuals with medical conditions who are learning to drive for the first time, or returning to driving after a prolonged period. 
  • Combat veterans transitioning driving skills to a civilian environment.
  • Anyone taking prescription medications that is concerned about their reaction time or ability to recognize critical items.

* We strongly recommend that if you have a medical condition or cognitive issue you use Drive Focus as part of a program overseen by a knowledgeable professional.

Used in education.

Drive Focus uses videos of real drives filmed by professional driving school instructors throughout North America.  This allows students to experience differences in driving behavior, signage, and traffic flow in areas beyond their neighborhood. Drive Focus Educator lets instructors use the app in the classroom to engage students while learning the rules of the road before getting behind the wheel.

Used in rehabilitation.

Drive Focus is appropriate for patients with neurological disorders that may interfere with processing speed, selective attention, and executive functions for driving and other instrumental activities of daily living.  The video drives can be slowed down to 80% or 60% of full speed and increased as abilities improves Additionally it has gaming features and a variety of interesting locations which keeps rehabilitation engaging for users.


Used at top driving schools.

Drive Focus is used by the very best driving school in the U.S. and Canada. Students are rapidly able to generalize their classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction by taking virtual drive all over North America.