DRIVE With focus

Video driving simulator for iPad, M1 Mac
and Android tablets

  • Take driver training to the next level
  • Research-based situational awareness driver training 
  • Uses interactive videos of roadways around world
  • Designed to improve driving reaction speed for everyone
  • For all ages and abilities
  • A perfect companion for driver education
  • A great tool for rehabilitation
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for M1 Macs and iPad tablets

Improve your situational awareness skills

  • As you watch HD videos, filmed from a driver’s point of view, tap on critical information
  • Improves your ability to notice and react to real-life driving situations
  • Drives throughout the United States, Canada and other countries keep you challenged
  • Detailed scoring documents your progress

Like your own personal driving simulator

  • Practice key driving skills on an iPad, M1 Mac or Android tablet
  • Helps improve situational awareness
  • Interact with beautiful drives filmed by professional driving school instructors throughout the world
Tap on items in video

Focused driver training for all drivers

Drive Focus is used by:

  • Beginner drivers
  • Experienced drivers
  • Business travelers and tourists
  • Professional and fleet drivers

Drive Focus is also great for:

  • Anyone that wants to improve their awareness
  • Individuals with learning needs and medical conditions

Get Focused!

Drive Focus
for Android Tablet

North America, Global, Fire & Rescue

Drives from the U.S., Canada and World
For all users at home, classroom and clinic


Open this page in the web browser on your Android Tablet. Then click the button below

Drive Focus
for M1 Macs and iPad

North America 

Drives from the U.S. and Canada.
For all users at home, classroom and clinic


Open this page in the web browser on your iPad. Then click the button below

Drive Focus User Analytics

Multiuser Data Analytics


Designed for driving schools, rehabilitation services, emergency responders, and insurance companies.

  • Data Analytics provides the ability to view and analyze the visual attentiveness, speed of processing, and driving cognition for individuals and groups of users over time
  • Lets you understand what the user sees (or or doesn’t see) as they drive
  • Helps you spot and address potential problems