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Overview of Drive Focus

I still use Drive Focus with the evaluation of all my special needs students before I even take them on as a client. I use it in an in-home evaluation to get a base score. It has not let me down.

I recommend it to students of all ages to improve their visual skills. I find it helpful in helping students with prioritizing information and assessing danger.

I am working on building a class just on visual skills needed to drive safe and this app will be part of the class for all.

Dave Haley
Owner, Grand Prix Driving School
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

  • Drive Focus drives are filmed by professional driving school instructors throughout the world.
  • See firsthand how driving behavior, signage and customs differ location to location.
  • Driving schools find that students that use Drive Focus are much better prepared to get behind the wheel.

Mary Jo McGuire MS, OTR/L, OTPP, FAOTA
Executive Director,
Rehab Educators LLC

The Driving Focus app is a dynamic therapeutic activity that can be incorporated into Occupational Therapy plans to address visual attention, visual scanning, information processing skills, reaction time, visual analysis, visual memory, mental tracking, visual motion sensitivity, and more.

I work primarily with clients post-TBI, and this media is awesome for many of them. The training modules are beautifully developed to develop a client’s sensitivity to ‘seeing’ specific items [stop signs, yield signs, pedestrians, etc…]; short, interactive training videos measure a client’s accuracy and speed on identifying specific items. It provides quantitative outcomes and colorful visual scales that motivate a client to want to improve; with instruction and effort, a client can easily see improvement even in the first session.

Even for clients who may be a long way from actually driving, this media challenges visual and cognitive skills using a meaningful context. It is a therapeutic activity that occupational therapy practitioners working in rehab should definitely explore; I expect clinicians working in neurorehab will be delighted to add this dynamic media to their arsenal of therapeutic activities.

Dr. Monahan joins Susie Touchinsky OTR/L and Dr. Terri Cassidy to discuss the role of occupational therapists in driver training.
They discuss the role of executive function in visual search, review cases that demonstrate their importance for driving, and discuss ways that an occupational therapist can assist their clients in developing these important driving skills

  • Therapists use Drive Focus with patients that have neurological disorders that may interfere with processing speed, selective attention, and executive functions.
  • All drives can be slowed down to start and then gradually increased in speed as abilities improves
  • Major transit providers such as the Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation (Citilink) find Drive Focus helps keep their drivers sharp
  • Construction companies use Drive Focus to increase driver awareness on the job site
  • Ambulance companies use drive focus to improve critical scanning skills for their drivers