Frequently Asked Questions
Drive Focus for iPad


Q: Will Drive Focus work on my Windows computer, Mac, iPhone, or Android Tablet?

A: Drive Focus app is designed for the Apple iPad, M1 Mac and Android tablets. If you have an iPad, you will find that it works on the iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro running iOS 13 or later. If you have a Apple Mac, it needs to have the newer M1 “Apple Silicon” processor.

Read this article to determine if you have an M1 Mac: How to Check if Your Mac Is Using an Intel or Apple Silicon Processor

Q: How can I show Drive Focus to a group of people?

A: If you are using an iPad, you can display the contents of your iPad on a larger screen by using a Apple Lightning Adapter or wirelessly using Apple TV. Both of these devices attach to the Lightning port on the iPad and can duplicate your display on a TV screen or projector.

Many of our customers use one of these options in the classroom, clinic, and at home.

Apple iPad adapter
Apple Lightning to HDMI connector
Apple TV example
Apple TV

Drive Focus

Q: Do you have a document that explains Drive Focus that I can give to my students / clients?

A: Yes! You can download a PDF that explains the programs here.

Q: I’m using someone else’s iPad and its full of games. How much storage will I need for Drive Focus?

A: Each drive needs about 250MB. You can delete drives to make more room at any time. However for best results we recommend you have at least 1GB of storage.

Not sure of how much storage you have? Tap on the Settings icon and then select General / Storage & iCloud Usage to find out.

iPad settings showing amount of storage available
View Available Storage in Settings
Q: I’d like to print a copy of the Quick Reference Guide to take with me in the car. Can I do that?

A: You can print any Drive Focus screen including your score, drives you have problems with, and of course the Quick Reference Guide. Click on this link to learn how.

Printing from an iPad screen
Print screens to take with you in the car

Q: I just finished a drive and I scored over 500 points, but the next level did not unlock.

A: You need to score 500 points or more on all drives at that level before proceeding to the next level.
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